Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Women Answer The Question

The Wife Of Bath's immortal question
Was more recently on the mind of Freud,
What do women want?

It was answered by the women of the Seventies.
Women want equal rights, they want equal power,
And protection from the loss of these.

Well, the answer is too simple,
Too entirely clear.

The men of that time, and the older generations,
Would perplex over this another thirty years.

Issues Of Race

Issues of race aren't about race.
They're about money, property,
Who has it, who has plenty.
Who has power, good lawyers,
Who has plenty, who has little, none.

Who wouldn't want money, property,
Plenty of it, more coming in all the time,
Lawyers on retainer to protect it?

Issues of race are about class lines.
Who travels first class.
Who takes the bus. Who has to hoof it.
Who rides a bike in winter
To carry groceries from the Korean store.

Race is an arbitrary distinction.

Might as well make all red-headed people poor,
Blame it on Howdy Doody freckles, Jughead ears.

There is one race, the human race.
The gene for red hair, the gene for black skin,
There is less that separates us genetically
Than identifies us with one another.

There is no black race. There is the human race.
There are poor people from the agrarian South.
There are refugees from the South in urban ghettos.
Their dark skin no more defines them
Than your suit bought on sale defines you.

There is, in us all, the human brain,
The human spirit, the common hopes of our race.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

On An Internet Scam

In the region of Central Nigeria
(Where the thinking's distinctly superior)
They have the rarest of banks,
For which we must give our thanks,
That will wire you a nifty eight mil
If you simply follow their drill.

Just give them your bank account number!
Then remain cool as a cucumber,
Awaiting their further instructions
Authorizing some little deductions
To cover the interest, you know,
On your lovely eight million "to go".
Now there'll be collect phone calls and faxes
And more deductions to cover the taxes ...

Wait! If you do this, your noggin is number
Than the two guys from "Dumb and Dumber".

Saturday, December 03, 2005


by Michael Dennis Mooney

Barb and Dean
are sweethearts
going steady
since their teens.
In those decades
each day accretes
a  drop of dew.
The snowflake
it becomes
is unique and new
and crystalline.

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