Thursday, January 06, 2011


the laissez-faire economist

M. Kathryn Eickhoff-Smith,
'Tis a name to conjure with.

It casts its spell on us.
(M. is for ... Marvelous?)

A crack economy-trends projector,
A born corporate board director,

She'd not loan her mother a dollar,
But at rates that'd make her Mom holler

(It's a matter of principle, too!)
Just as Daddy'd taught her to.

Nor would she give the time of day,
'Cept in a self-interested way.



She now supports the Tea Party,
This Higher-IQ-Than-Average Smarty

Who studied ECON at NYU,
Whose life-style blows right past you.

She fondly remembers Ayn Rand
As a friend of the Rights of Man.

Ha! Rand was a Fountainhead of nonsense!
Oy! Teabaggers make reactionaries wince!


The positions of the Teabagger Right
Need not keep us up at night.

The Drill-Babys, The Foreign-Birthers,
The Flat-Taxers, The Flat-Earthers!

They call the Prez a socialist
And make a climate for new blacklist.

This just reminds us that the world is round
And there are more things on it than are found

Or dreamt of in their philosophies.


The Tea Party Revolt, though, cannot go far.
Their shock troops have to be helped from the car.

They're raising their canes! Just off their rockers,
They rebel, trundling forth with their walkers!

More rights for the privileged! More rights for the rich!
Lower estate taxes! Taxation's a bitch!

More rights for the already well-supported!
The poor are depressing! Can't they be deported?


When our Missy Eickhoff transfers someday
To that Corporate Board in the Milky Way

(She'll no doubt take accountants and lawyers in tow,
Never mind if these fellas aren't ready to go)

She will be asked if she fought the good fight.
She'll answer she thought she did what was right.

How could we empower the meek?
How could we give strength to the weak?

How'd you show that on a balance sheet?
How'd you show that?, she'd flatly repeat.

Yeah, it wouldn't add-up on a balance sheet.

Note: Kathy Eickhoff, a close friend of Alan Greenspan and Ayn Rand for years, was a Reagan administration director at OMB, a nationally renowned business economics forecaster, a board director for many large corporate entities, and, in retirement, she is devoting herself to missionary work for Ayn Randian ideology at Tea Party rallies in Florida. I had known Kathy as a friend in New York when she was a Young Americans For Freedom activist in her twenties. Now that she's in her seventies, just as elegant and lovely, she remains a stalwart for the same types of causes. She always had such a very good-natured quality, so I am prone to forgive her extremes of anti-democratic heterodoxy.

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