Friday, January 23, 2009

Mr. Bush Is Back In Texas, 1/21/09

Mr. Bush is back in Texas.
He'll write a book. "I cut the taxes."

(Well, not yours. The corprate honchos'.)
He's never read a book, my hunch is.

But he'll write a book. "I saved freedom."
Oil fields, under Hussein's thumb, he freed em.

Friday, January 09, 2009

He Writes A Note to His Hostess

A thank you - Oh, thank you! - for Momma Lou Who,
Who in making our feast knew just what to do:

Thank you for crescent rolls, buttery and yeasty,
For roasted red beast, nice and rare, extra beasty.

For hot smashed potatoes volcanic with gravy,
Rich lumpy beast gravy so thick that it's wavy.

Pearly white onions and sweet baby peas.
I'm allergic to vedge, but I'll have some more, please.

I'll ward off reactions with morsels of something
With gravy. Steaming forkfuls of stuffing!

I'll wash it all down with sparkling grape juice
And kiss your sweet fingers, dipped (of course) in au jus.

You know, each tasty mouthful would be a real loss
Without bright piquant relish of cranberry sauce.

Plus, thank you for photos of MeMe and MaMa,
Of bald Uncle Nerkle, Baby Cricky and LaLa.

For Christmas Feast music, for candles at table,
For wide screen TV that's hooked to the cable.

Thank you for gifts. (Also, thank you for socks.)
For ranks of dark chocolates arrayed in a box.

For bored games and whirlies and gadgets and widgets;
They'll keep me distracted when I get the fidgets.

For laughter so merry, ululations of joy
That I have not known since I was a Grinch Boy!

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