Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sesquipedalian Vocab

Fierce Andrew Carnegie
Bought-up Great Mesabi,
The giant iron ore range,
Then told the economists,
"Cut out the middleman!"
Was the word they then used.

"Sesquipedalian" appeared in the Schott's Vocab
weblog of NYTIMES.COM on September 18, 2009 as a comment on
multi-syllabic vocab.

Friday, September 18, 2009


I miss intermissions and such things.
Intermovies, I don't know.
I do like intermittent wipers, though.

Intermovie refers to a film within a film in current cinema.


On CNN he was feckless,
Now on FOX News highly reckless.
He without reck
(Also no feck)
We refer, of course, to Glen Beck.

Beck called Obama a racist;
Now advertisers are racing
To join in a boycott
Of this noodlehead boychik.
His accountant works just with erasers.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Health Care Sinks Again

Senator Max Baucus is
To Health Care Caucuses
As Bud Lite is to Beer
By the time our Maxie
Has pulled down a draft
It's too watered down
To bring us much cheer

"Health Care" appeared in the Schott's Vocab weblog of
NYTIMES.COM on October 2, 2009, as a comment on the debate in
congress on proposed universal access to health care.

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