Thursday, March 09, 2006

young michael and his gallantry

by michael dennis mooney

thanks for forwarding some of the
"flavor" of what's going on with
the fob's and the eod's
[forward operations bases and
explosive ordinace detonations, no?]
i love young michael's gallantry:
they picked up a "few things"
[nearly a ton of ordinance]
-- like they were out shopping? -- 
and had a pretty good day on the j-o-b, etc
i'm going to send those guys
the sports illustrated swimsuit
issue, after carefully reviewing it
for appropriateness, as is my
civic responsibility; hmm, this could
take a while; maria  sharapova, fey,
sweet tennis goddess, is right here,
in this good readin' book,
lying in the sand, in a special  s. i. feature, um,
spread; i might better get an extra issue
for the guys in baghdad
i read with interest your note that dean can
carry concealed in 50 states after training
with the 9 mm pistol; hey, he could work in baghdad, too,
providing security for the corporate contractors;
it wouldn't be much like a nice peaceful retirement,
but he could probably make tons of money, enough
to have you there with him in the hilton as his re-load moll,
hot in a bronze colored dress, blonde "do," and bare feet
-- the girl hates shoes, they say --
or just plain hot as the air conditioning fails again
and there's nothin but deep space nine reruns on the telly
to relieve the bombarbment of facts from cnn
my guess is dean enjoys keeping current
with the technology of police work,
'cause after all he's a technology buff;
and pistol use is a sport, a recreation, too
[my mother, when in her seventies, could not get over
how computers were completely replacing
all the older technologies of secretarial work,
especially the typewriter
and the steno pad; so, as an ex-exec sec,
sexy and high-tech, she just had to get a computer,
though she had little need for one
(eventually she gave a couple computers away)
she had to see what it was all about; now, god bless her,
she wants a laptop and a chrysler lebaron convertible,
-- is she cruising the coffee bars? --
and she'll be 84 in september; hope i'm so long-lived,
i want to get all my fica contributions back,
one pittance at a time, just out of general spite
towards the federal taxation authorities.]
have much fun on your journey to georgia,
the northern wilds
bring an l. l. bean quilted parka, for sure
you closed with "stay warm"
we are having a global warming winter,
or an el nino one, which might be more
accuweather accurate
we have had no snow, none, in february, green grass;
nor in march;
tommorow we're supposed
to have a rather balmy 50-plus day:
i'm determined to be out on the court tommorow,
practicing a nine-fingered two-hander on the left-hand side
-- the one achy-breaky
finger left off the grip -- and i'll try a lefty serve;
i used to be able to pitch lefty
when my dad and i'd play pitch and catch,
and i still can when jack and i throw the ball
most important sign of spring:
the guy who operates the tastee freeze here
is cranking up his machinery today
and cooking a humongous pot of chili
[for the chili dogs, you know] 
he's opening officially tommorow,
though he'll serve you today, 'cause the machines
have to be crankin' anyhow, and it's a good chili day,
blustery and wet; i've got a heckuva cold that's settling in,
starting some nasty chest congestion
(i usually don't get that);
so i'm breaking out the mucinex and sudafed,
and i'm ON DRUGS
but you could tell that from the run-on sentences
and the loose associations

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