Friday, February 24, 2006

Gertrude Stein's "Rose is a Rose..."

Cunning linguist that Gertrude was,
And, as well, a master debater,
Rose was, I think, the name of a girl
Gertrude loved with her cunning tongue;
And rose was the color, the shape
Of her pussy when Gertrude ate her.
Rose, I think, was a girl who was sweet
And plump and roseate,
And a pink rose slowly opening
Was her pussy that Gertrude ate.
Get your nose right in there, Trude,
Inhale the musk that beauty, youth exude!
"Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose."
This Rose was perhaps more than we suppose.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

forgot to tell you of barbie's dilemma

by michael dennis mooney

a few years ago
barbie broke up with ken

this was arranged by mattel's
department of stupid publicity
to stir-up sales

kids would need to buy more dolls

they'd need a ken doll
for barbie to break-up with

they'd need blaine,
an austrarlian surfer doll
in shorts and tank top,
for her to hook-up with

these men in her life,
they were "accessories",
just as were her shoes,
gowns, handbags, her pink mustang

but now ken is back

and he has his own
stupid promotions department

he looks like he's had a little work done,
a straighter, smaller nose, a firmer jaw line

word is he's been bumming around europe, broadening his
experience of life, becoming a lot deeper, and saner

he's been studying buddhism, staying in the moment, not
rushing anything, not anticipating the future

and he's learned to cook, the man can take care of himself

he's looking good, he wears cargo pants and a black leather jacket,
this rugged but sensitive thing is a good look for him

barbie's different, too

seventies hair is back, she has long straight gold-blonde hair
down to her mid-back, also long bangs, very girlish and flirty

her hair's straight as a broom but glossy and well-conditioned as her

barbie is going to have to break-up with blaine, for sure

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