Monday, June 06, 2005

For Christopher and Christine Rem

and their son, Chris

Mr. Chris and Mrs. Chris
Were having their Rem sleep.
Their eyes were moving rapidly,
Their (identical) dreams ran deep.

Their son, young Master Chris, of course,
Would father a race of Chrises.
(First, he'd marry a young Chris Mrs.)
These would include fetching, slim Chris Misses
And a burly troop of brave Junior Chrises.
They'd have reunions on Christmases.

Chris the Thirds! Chris the Fourths!
Chris the Fifths! would follow,
Nurtured by new Mrs. Chrises.

They'd be a dynasty and have a coat of arms
Depicting Chrises star-crossed.

They'd play tennis at Wimbeldon with Miss C. Evert.
They'd never use glassware, only chrystal.
They'd name their dog Columbus --
After a notable Chris who followed his nose.

And the shopping!
They'd buy clothes at the House of Christopher.
They'd go boating on Chris-Craft Cruisers.
They'd bid on fine furnishings and art at Christie's.
Christopher Cross would be their court composer.

They'd found whole industries,
New brand names, and help the economy.
They'd drink Chris Miss Hot Chocolate;
They'd eat Mrs. Chris's Cookies.
And for breakfast, Chris Crispies.

In the crowning moment of the Age of Chris
They'd declare an official religion,

The Persistence Of Shopping

for Bruce Butterfield

Old-age dementia ladies
"Shopping" in each others' rooms,
Going through their neighbors' closets
Like a J.C. Penney's clearance sale,
Want to find something just right.
Family members are coming to visit.
Today is Sunday at the retirement home.

The son comes to see his mother.
She is in bright spirits, having a good day.
"Mom, that short jacket looks good on you."
Then he thinks, she owns no such jacket.
"And that sweater, too. The cat's meow!"
Still thinking, ditto, owns no such outfit.
Funny, he thinks, this will become an anecdote.
Funny, and sad at the same time.

Thank God we took away her car.
Also persisting in old age
Is Mom's impulse to drive to the mall,
Though the store she "remembers"
Is in another town far away.

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