Monday, June 27, 2005

Sequellae To Our Campaign Of Slaughter

by Michael Dennis Mooney

A fifteen million dollar helicopter crashes,
Brought down by a farmer with an old Czech rifle.
An M1 tank, state of the art, tips over into a muddy river
And its entire crew is killed. Similarly by accident,
We shoot down our best fighter jet with a ground-to-air missile;
Zap! Poof! Zeus-like power, misdirected by a "software glitch".
A maintenance convoy takes a wrong turn in the streets of Nasiriyah,
And ends up captured, missing, killed, or p.o.w.'d.

Among the missing are young women.
They are likely being raped as we listen
To Rumsfeld spinning the news on TV.

He says, support our troops.
He has a lot of goddam nerve!

Nineteen-year olds, twenty-year olds, a year out school, babies!
Are coming home today to their weeping mothers at the airport;
Out of the planes come their flag-draped coffins;
Inside those coffins, they are dressed in clean new uniforms;
Their accompanying papers award them "distinguished service" posthumously;
Also, they are awarded death benefits, burial costs.

The U.S. and its young soldiers went to war last week,
And now we have dozens of our youngsters back.
They were killed mostly by the accidents of our campaign
To slaughter Iraqi conscripts, who are wisely fleeing.

[Spring, 2003]


The United States Needs A Regime Change

George W. Bush is using weapons of mass destruction.
The U.N. should form a coalition and stop him.

The United States needs a regime change.

George W. Bush is destabilizing the Middle East
With an unprovoked invasion and merciless slaughter.

The United States needs a regime change.

He is the unstable leader of a rogue state, reckless,
And has no foresight about the consequences of his actions.

The United States needs a regime change.

His government consists of corporate cowboy honchos:
Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, and Paul Wolfowitz are the Axis of Evil.

The United States needs a regime change.

Maddie Albright and Condi Rice are the Ladies' Auxiliary of Evil.
Colin Powell and John Mc Cain are the True Blue Boy Scouts of Evil.

The United States needs a regime change.

Bush is turning Iraqi towns into rubble-strewn shooting galleries,
Making the heart of Mesopotamia into a cruise missile test-fire range.

The United States needs a regime change.

Baghdad's buildings are smoking hibachis filled with the dead,
This the fuming retort in which Islamist hatred is bred.

I'll tell you what the U.S. needs, representative government.
The United States needs a regime change.

[Spring, 2003]

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