Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tantalus In Greek Myth

Tantalus, in Greek myth, is standing on tiptoes
And up to his chin in water.
Above his head is a branch laden with ripe fruit.

He cannot open his mouth,
Though he is perishing from thirst;
He cannot open his mouth,
Though he is starved;
He cannot open his mouth:
He cannot eat fruit or drink water,
Because he will surely succumb to the flood.

He cannot open his mouth to cry out.
He is tortured by abundant hydration,
By a plenty he cannot have,
By unfulfilled appetite.

II. Tantalus At Denny's

Well, I guess the grand slam is out.
All those hotcakes, butter, syrup,
Sausage, bacon, eggs, etc!
Washed down with coffee, cream, sugar,
Maybe a glass of orange juice.
Then there's the coffee refills, more sugar.
Too many total calories.

I'll have the salad. Yes, low-fat dressing.
The chicken breast with carrots, rice.
A diet coke. No, no dessert.

No, don't bring me any water.

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