Thursday, July 07, 2005

bear tiny gorilla fatman bones crazy man buffalo

by tom nowak

wendy and i were at a movie
my bike was parked in front
of the theater
we would park in plain sight
as a sign we were close by
you had to either wait near the bike
or leave a message and know
we would soon either be there
in person or pick the message up
we would also check the bike visually
every half hour to see if anyone
was about
wendy came back and said
two prospects were waiting
i said ok lets go
we left the theater and headed
to the bike

i had no idea what was going on
the senior prospect said
vinny sent us, we got problems
whats up man? i said
well, slick, the prospect fred
answered (in every bike club
there were various names used for members
bear, tiny, gorilla, fat man
bones, wild man, crazy man, buffalo
flathead, etc, my nickname
happened to be slick, 'cause i was slick)
we are at war, fred said

war? i repeated, with whom?
the peckerwoods m/c, he answered
ok, more shall be revealed eh?
we drove to the clubhouse
we went below ground level
to a room we had that was soundproof and bugproof
vinny was sitting at the table
he didn't look happy
hey slick, he said
peckerwoods fucked up
i listened closely

they killed a prospect, a hang around
and too tall is in the hospital
he has three bullet wounds to his head
they set the boys up and tried to whack all three
i have no idea why
ok i said what are we going to do?
well vinny said
i was hoping you could help plan
a pay back trip
ok i said

we need to have a rep from every chapter here
fast as we can
by morning if possible
i want to hit those motherfuckers
so hard they will never recover

they were, up until now, just another club
we partied with them, we fought with them
and we had friends in their ranks
now they were just enemies and must be punished
vinny and i talked for a couple hours about plans
in less then three hours members from the different chapters
were rolling in
it was about 4 a.m.

the plan boiled down to this
the leadership of the peckerwoods
would all be whacked
preferably by prospects with a member present
the prospects would then immediately be given their colors
the membership cadre at large would be harassed and beaten
and if they fought well they would be given a chance to prospect for us
if they surrendered their colors without a fight
everything they owned would be taken
tv's, houses, cars, bikes, wives, girlfriends, etc, everything
we would hit the leaders as soon as possible, hopefully by 8 a.m.
that gave us two hours to make their world a piece of shit

prospect fred and a hang around and myself
would do harold the local president
fred would do it
i would watch
and the hang around
would stand guard with a weapon in case anything
went goofy
the same thing would happen all over the state tonight
and the country tomorrow
the papers would go crazy with the magnitude
but who gave a shit
we would make headline news and the peckerwoods
would cease to exist as a club

at 630 a.m. we were in front of harold's house
the hang around stood outside with the car
fred and i had keys
we had long ago had club girls fuck the guy and take impressions
of his keys, just in case we wanted to fuck with him later
we used the keys it was a lot easier that way
we crept into his bedroom
his old lady was snoring
harold was turned away from us
i tapped him
he looked up at us
fred stuck the gun in his mouth and put a finger to his lips
i said you know why this is happening
harold started to get up and i hit him with a bat
he fell back into the bed
fred pulled the trigger once and the silenced weapon
popped and harold went to rest with his relatives
wherever they resided in the afterlife
harold's old lady woke up and started to scream
fred pumped a round into her noggin and it was all over

we ransacked the house
now here's the cool part
we left the gun
it had the fingerprints of one of the peckerwoods on it
we had gotten them by showing the jerk the weapon
and he looked at it and sighted it and said bang
leaving a perfect set of prints on it
it was the vice president's problem now

as we looked hurriedly around
we found money
a lot of it
we also found dope
not a lot but enough
we took it all
we went downstairs to the hang around
i told fred to give the hang around his prospect vest
the hang around glowed
i took my vest with the full patch on it
and i handed it to fred
i gave him a big hug and kissed him
gangster style
he smiled and glowed like a king
he was now a full member

i told the prospect to go into harold's garage
put all his bike shit in his truck and stash it
it was now ours
he grinned and said no problem, pete

we got back to the clubhouse and had to wait to go in
there must have been 150 members there
it had been a good evening
the peckerwoods m/c was no longer in existence
18 presidents gone, 15 vp's gone, all the treasurers
and most of the club's secretaries gone
the leadership was now defunct
the membership at large would be dealt with during the week
they would join us, if worthy, or perish
we were now the largest club in the state
ahh it's good to be king

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