Thursday, July 07, 2005

brother to the best

by tom nowak

six months passed
as a hang around i visited chapters of the club
up and down the coast
i helped with any and everything
i picked up broken down bikes
i escorted members any and everywhere
i fought like a prizefighter and then
i got my bottom rocker
i was a prospect for the wolf pack m/c
i was on my way
wendy was quite amused at everything

we had plenty of good weed and a new twist
it was like we could stay awake forever
and feel no ill effects
we made it, so we always had it for free
it was a rush to have your heart pound like a four stroke engine
and to ride on it was incredible, and oh yes the sex
was better then ever because you could go all night

as prospect i made sure all our functions
went off well and we all looked good for john q public
and our brother chapters would see how we took care of business

i was in more then ten gunfights during my prospect period
and there were severe casualties in each
i carried a gun everywhere i went, and wendy carried one for me too
i delivered packages all across the state
i was having a good time
i got my patch
i was a full-blown member in good standing
of the wolf pack

wendy sewed the patch on my vest
it looked great
and now i was brother to the best
every weekend we had a run somewhere
all the bikes from our chapter would meet the other chapters somewhere
and we would party, discuss business and see new members
we had lots of guests from overseas
except for their accents they acted the same as we did

the hang around prospect period
was a learning experience and molded each of the members
which was strange cause each one of us was different
i got a call one night
one of the brothers was in a bar and had everyone held at gunpoint
he was asking for me
he said he would only talk with me
i went to the bar and there he was in all his glory
hatchet harry
twelve known murders under his belt
i asked harry to have a drink with me
he agreed
i asked him to let the people go
he agreed
when we were alone he started to cry
it was the drugs and alcohol talking
but it was very dramatic
he put his gun away and we went to my house
wendy fed him and he became mild as a sated lion

he quieted down and asked if he could stay for awhile
i said as long as you need bro
he smiled and wendy showed him the spare room
harry went in and attempted to sleep
after about twenty minutes we heard a roar come form the room

harry had met our new pet ali
ali was a cayman
a small alligator
he wouldn't get more then six feet long
it cost us about $2.95 at the five and dime
ali had a plexliglass pool in the spare room
i had forgotten to tell harry
harry rushed out of the room
there is a gator in there
no bro, he's a cayman
ahh harry said, ok
harry i said, he won't hurt you but leave the light on
why harry asked, cause they are nocturnal hunters
noc what? harry said
they hunt when it gets dark
harry laughed, ok no dark in there tonight

but harry said i still want some protection
i rummaged around in the room and found a shot gun
here i said, would this do?
harry smiled took the gun and said thank you
not a peep was heard for the rest of the night
wendy and i cuddled for a while before we fell asleep
and i kissed her as she drifted off
and promised to meet her at the bench in dreamland

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