Thursday, July 07, 2005

growing up with uncle vinny

by tom nowak

uncle vinny laughed
and gave me a hug
the interior of the bar
we sat in was dim
neon lights advertising beer
from every which way cast
shadows on faces and walls
uncle vinny was the president
of the wolf pack motorcycle club
they had chapters all over the united states
canada and were exporting to europe
and australia
it was a major production
i had been a "friend" of the club for years
living just down the block from their bar
i had many financial dealings with them
i sold them dope, they gave me bike parts
they sold me guns, i gave them dope
money was hardly ever exchanged

after hanging out with the club
i had decided i wanted to become a full member
this was the first step
i would then do official hang around
duties for at least a year
so everyone could get to know me
then i would become an official prospect
i would get my bottom rocker
with the name on it of the city
state or country or the universal
nomad rocker
it was a long process that tested your
mettle and your capabilities

there was a quicker way in
felony bank robbery or murder
time would tell which path i was going to choose
right now i had to submit all my military and police
records so the club could check me out
it wouldn't take very long
the club had contacts everywhere
i liked that about them

it was thursday night
i was told to get my bike and go to the clubhouse
i walked down the street and up into my pad
wendy was sitting in the living room
rolling joints and listening to music
she was absolutely gorgeous
long sun streaked blonde hair
big blue eyes and so california
we had known each other for years
she was my girl and i was her man
she got up and kissed me
well she said how did it go, pete?
good, i gotta go to the clubhouse
it's in process
i will be back in a day or two
behave while i'm gone
she smiled
always she said
i kissed her good bye
and went down stairs
i rolled my bike out and started it

in a matter of minutes i was pulling in to dodge
right outside the clubhouse
i parked and walked towards the door
stay outside, i was told by a prospect
the meeting called "church" was just starting
they will maybe call you in after they discuss you
my opinion is, holmes, you been involved with us so much
you have minor if any problems getting in
thanks man i said
i lit a joint and offered it to him
he took it and toked a long deep one
we will have a great time bro he said
i said yeah and we waited for the next step

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