Monday, July 11, 2005

numb and number narratives by tom nowak

in the narratives that follow, tom nowak
tells the story of pete holmes, also his
girlfriend wendy, as they fly down the
north california highways on his old black harley
with the wolf pack, an outlaw biker
gang in the seventies

the pack is deeply involved in macho
hearty-partying, meth, cocaine, acid, both
using and selling

to these guys beer is a soft drink,
marijuana is a mild sedative

they like the hardcore stuff in every area
of life, bare knuckle fisticuffs, wild biker chicks,
harleys, 9mm's, sawed-off shotguns, and they
like the kind of drugs that keep you up for

tom nowak depicts with much candor how
the wolf pack motorcycle club follows the
"code" of an anarchic tribal youth gang, busting heads
"when they have to," and "ruling their lands,"
their territories, like the warlords of prehistory

nowak is writing their epic, instead of men
on horseback, badasses on hawgs

to view the full numb and number narratives
sequence, click-on the july archives

to see another tom nowak sequence about young
biker gang kids coping with returning from war
in vietnam, see the may archives

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