Tuesday, July 19, 2005

numb and number

by tom nowak

at a certain point in my life
i smoked a lot of weed and
i hitchhiked around a lot and slept
around as much as i could

on a cross country trip with
my girlfriend wendy
we were stuck somewhere in the middle
of America
near michigan
as i recall
sitting near the road smoking some good
michigan green and watching the clouds
playing hide and seek in the afternoon sky

a guy in an old ford falcon station wagon
pulled over and asked where we are going
well i said wherever you are going is fine with us
he looked like bob dylan to me and i wondered if it was him

i looked in the back of the car and all kinds of tools
were strewn about
bob as i now called him was chatting us up
he was talking about the government
the weather, the rainforests, politics, protests
all the hippy crap i was so familiar with 'cause
i was a hippy at that moment
we discussed the things he spoke of
and he smiled at our like-minded agreements

well bob revealed he works for a local boat manufacturer
i was impressed
he told us he and some friends have been working on a boat
i say what kind of boat?
he says a big boat
big boat to me is anything bigger than a rowboat
i say cool
he said we are going to sail all over the world
and bring back to the people of America
the news of what is really happening
sounds like a good idea to me
he said he and his friends have donated all their time
to building this boat and
they are going to sail around the world
hmmmm i think this might be interesting

he said they have room for another couple
i look at wendy and then myself
we are a couple
hmmmm i think, room for one more couple
wendy said, yeah pete, we're a couple
he asked if we want to see the boat
sure i say, because we got no place in particular
to go at the moment
we pulled into a marina
we parked and follow bob down to the docking area
we were walking among all these little cabin cruisers
and i was thinking that maybe this isn't such a good idea
after all and then
all of sudden we stoppped in front of the "queen mary"
i look up at this boat in total surprise

wendy gasped and rolled another joint
bob said well what do you think?
want to check it out?
i said sure man and we walk onboard
i was expecting a marine guard to be there
to pipe us on because the boat was incredibly large
but no one but us was on board
we travelled through this incredible boat
three decks and three masts
it had diesel engines and was fitted for the high seas
the staterooms were incredible
all work was hand done
all equipment was complimentary from the
place  where bob worked
we spent a couple hours on the ship
bob said well think it over and come back later
like about nine tonight
we are having a meeting, pete
and i will put up you and wendy  to join the crew

i say all right man, sounds righteous
so bob dropped us off a few miles away from the boat
on a public beach
wendy rolled another joint and we settle down
for a tantric sexual encounter that far surpassed
any boat ride i ever took
needless to say we missed the deadline
we missed the boat!
and we missed becoming founder members
of a "greenpeace" type group
oh well marijuana is an evil thing, i have been told

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