Thursday, July 07, 2005

out on the asphalt

by tom nowak

one of our favorite pastimes
was drag racing motorcycles
we loved it
wendy and i would go to any races
we could and hang in the pits
when you hang in the pits
you meet very very interesting people
i learned every trick in the book
form legal to illegal to make a bike fly
down the quarter mile

one weekend we were at a track
in the middle of the desert
and for two days we were on the tarmac
by saturday night i was feeling quite ill
i had a fever, chills and was light-headed
at first i thought it was the dope i was taking
but it wasn't, it was heat stroke
wendy and uncle vinny made me lie down
in a club member's van to rest

wendy stayed with me all night
she lifted my head to pour fluids down me
she put cold compresses on my head
she kept me covered cause i felt i was freezing

and she rolled many joints for me
she also lifted my head to blow crank up my nose
wendy was my girl, she nursed me back to health
and by sunday afternoon i was already to
tackle high-speed motor sports
once again

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