Thursday, July 07, 2005

sort of like republicans

by tom nowak

as the activities of our club grew
so did the attention of law enforcement
many of the leadership was placed in jail
we bailed them out if possible
we also hired the best attorneys
drugs became a way to make money to cope
we needed cash all the time
at one point the club was just a bunch of drinking
fighting guys who smoked some weed, drank a lot
and occasionally did speed

that changed the last time uncle vinny did time
when he was in the last time he made friends with
some criminals on the inside
and brought a few with him when he got out
under their tutlege
we became a well-oiled crime machine
we loved it too
we were arrogant about our lifestyle
sort of like republicans

i remember a drug enforcement agent
being a pain in the ass, well they found the remains
of his car in a canyon all blown up
we had no idea who would do that sort of thing though
oh well, it was survival of the fittest
and he had done damage to many of our clique
so you get what you give

basically there was enough money to go around
the local law, the state law
and the feds all got their share
sort of like republicans
as long as money flowed so did the crime

we stayed beneath the umbrella of acting like citizens
so it made it easier to rule our lands
we didn't do meaningless crimes
we had enemies
other clubs wanting what we had
we also had ruthless members
wanting to rise to the top and
they could be quite dangerous
one never knew when one would be
welded into a fifty-five gallon drum
and sent to the beach

it was like a pyramid scheme
money from the bottom rose to the top
you got to keep some but you also gave some up
in return you got to operate in a district
hey, like republicans in congress
special interest groups abounded

we used a bike repair shop
to help launder our cash flow
it worked great for us
life was good
drugs, bikes and chicks as the saying goes
welcome to the land of kicks
wendy and i had a great time
smoking the best weed and
snorting the best crank
we rode the best, owned the best cars
had guns galore and
the absolute best of everything
we had all the toys
life was good in those reckless days
but as you know all things change

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