Thursday, July 07, 2005


by tom nowak

in order to really understand
one must be aware why
they happen
not to be put off by them
but to understand they happen
for a reason
yes some times the reason
is not always clear
but there is a reason
trust me

bikers have categories
for everything
especially women
women, to bikers, fall into
several categories

one is wife
your old lady, the mrs
affectionately called by her hubbie
not to be confused with a momma
which we will get to

the next category is
a girlfriend may exist
in a cooperative manner
with a wife
if they are friends
if not there is constant friction
and here is why there is friction
wives are not fucked after marriage
they produce several offspring
then just clean, cook and run errands
although they are as powerful on the
social ladder as their old man
most wives hate this sexual
and sometimes seek relief
with another man
that is a bad news item for the other man
if they are caught
they may wind up welded in a fifty-five
gallon drum if you know what i mean
the reasoning for this tormenting
of the wife has been explained
to me by a psychologist friend
seems the wife represents
the virgin mary
and who in their right mind
is gonna fuck the old lady
of god huh?

sweeties are the third classification
they are the charming upper class
girls who went to college perhaps
doctors or lawyers to be
they like running with wolves
they are the girls that a biker can fall in love with
being in love creates incredible energy
so if you constantly fall in love
you are high and energetic all the time
and yes it has nothing to do with ingestion
of drugs
it's a natural high

are hated by girl friends and wives alike
many allegiances are formed
with the girlfriend and wife of a member
who has a sweetie
to "trick bag" the sweetie into a hell
beyond comparison
the whole idea is to make her paranoid, spook her good
the sweetie sucks the lifeblood out
of a relationship and she may either
be dumped, passed-on or upped
to a girlfriend status

i knew one member who had a wife
six girlfriends, and a new sweetie at least
once a week
he was a very busy man

women perform various tasks
they hold and carry dope
they hold and carry weapons
they back men up in fights

and they cause scenes whenever
the mood hits them
they may cause a scene with
a citizen, like showing their tits
their hootchie or teasing flirtatiously
they may also whack out
and pull a piece and start gunning
people down at any moment
most women are extremely loyal
to their old man

girlfriends or wives might never
be left behind, it all depends
on the members' desires
wendy was always my girl and i never
found a desire to use any of the club

we always had a few hanging around
to give sexual favors to members
to any member that wanted or demanded it
or used to entice guys into hanging around
or to use as blackmail

mommas is a holdover term
from the 50's relating to a club chick
who would perform multiple intercourses
at anytime it was deemed necessary
they are far and few in this day in age
although some bush league clubs cling to the old-fashioned ways
similar to the actions of republicans
on holiday

as a prospect i luckily never had
to participate in the ugliest girl
you had a certain amount of time
to find an ugly duckling bring her to the club
and perform various sexual events on and with her
disgusting i know, but hey traditions
are sometimes hard to change
and boys will be boys

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