Monday, October 17, 2005

Soap Opera, Conclusion

Date: Mon, 10 Oct 2005 16:35:01 -0700 (PDT)
From:mackey maroney <>
Subject:soap opera, conclusion
To: marcus maroney <>

So the conclusion is, she answered the e-mail.
She liked the Outer Borough Rhapsody poem.
She declared it "fun to read out loud" because of
its imitation of the New Yawk Squawk accent.
So that was sweet, very nice to receive that note.
I then sent her an e-mail
I tried to advise -- people hate advice! -- that attempting
to start a relationship with a guy in a lock-up
is too big an emotional risk.
(I didn't mention the bodily risk.)
I told her everybody at work is losing sleep,
we're worried about her, quite true, and I mentioned
all of her immediate co-workers names to drive the point home.
I made a good argument for her cooling it, but I doubt she will,
she's already crossed that line.
And I don't have that kind of influence.
I think I, at least, learned something.
The advice giver learns.
The advice receiver balls-up the advice and throws it away.
I learned I am 58 years old,
she is 31.
I am her father's age.
Even if she could get interested in me and my funny conversation,
she should not get interested.
[Same way she she shouldn't get interested in the guy in the lock-up.]
When she is in her late 40's, i'll be 75,
spry, working on my golf swing, playing doubles, going for walks,
writing letters to the editor in the interest of solving world problems,
renewing the viagra Rx, riding my bike, but 75, a wrinkle beast!
Thanks for listening, Marcus,
your crazy brother, a mental health worker, signing off,
also still a dope, though an "intellectual", Mackey.
I think I'm done with meeting interesting people at work.
I'm just going to sit back now and watch the Yankees, Game 5,
Moose vs. Colon, etc. Colon is knocked out in the second
innining; we're going to win this thing.

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