Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Post Card To The White House

President Obama, you have found your Waterloo,
I'm afraid.

It's name is Kandahar, the Taliban region of the
Afghan hinterland which you want to pacify.

Like Lyndon Baines Johnson's Vietnam,
Like George W. Bush's Iraq,
You've found yourself an unpopular war to push for.

You're proposing a big increase in occupation troops,
And a plan that will keep us there for years.

And you had been on your way towards becoming a good president.

Interesting, and you'd just won the Nobel Peace Prize!

Now that stocks in missile manufacturing will spike on Wall St.,
I guess you can give the Nobel committee's medallion back.

I voted for you, Sir, but I'll vote for a third party next time.

We need a working families who sends their sons to war party.
And we need, as you had promised, to bring the troops home.

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