Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Re-Nup

Tiger, Tiger burning bright
In the sex clubs of Orlando
Guess it's time you took a break
And lived with far more candor

Must've been weird, your secret life
Never an unserviced erection
Shouldn't you, though, have taught the wife
Some proper club selection?

No way, in that lie, an expensive driver!
She coulda hacked with a wedge or putter

Now, how to get the wife to, soldier-like, re-up
For another tour? A more remunerative pre-nup?
A healthy chunk of cash up front, ka-ching!
And a great big pink diamond re-nup ring!
You should go big with the forgiveness bling

The re-nup is a renegotiated prenuptial agreement, or pre-nup.
It is hoped this gives the wife much incentive to re-up, i.e., that is
to re-enlist, to soldier on.

"The Re-Nup" was quoted in a March 17, 2010 article in The Bygone Bureau
on writers of light verse who send their writings to NYTIMES.COM weblogs,
"The Comment-Box Poets of the New York Times."

The Bygone Bureau is an online journal of cultural commentary:

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