Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More "Irish Terrors"

These are two pieces written impromptu
for a woman whom a friend and I met at happy hour one evening:
Her name is Rhonda, she drove a Honda, and she had
driven it here from (the benighted Montgomery County
village) Fonda. So we had our rhymes, ready-made.

Was a woman named Rhonda
Drove a Hybrid Honda
It didn't go vroooom
It went click-click-click
This caused her mind to wanda

My friend, Harrison Fischer, didn't like this effort of mine, "You've
totally violated the rhyme scheme!" Says Moi, "I'm okay
about it, I'm fine with destroying the rhyme." So he offered
his idea on how to limn Rhonda:

Was a woman named Rhonda
Drove here in her Honda
She comes from a town
Of lesser renown:
No one's fonda Fonda

I had to hand it to him. That was pretty good.

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