Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fe Si Bu Ke: "Too Feeble To Live"

To a Facebook Friend

Sorry, you have been unfriended
Your conduct could not be defended
You flooded my page with Facebook spam
You can be so self-important, man
Hey, I was only a Facebook friend
Not like I had any cash to spend
On your trashy and egregious art
Don't take my critique to heart!
But, of course, one knows you wouldn't
As to your talent, you're so deluded

The Chinese use the phrase, Too Weak To Live, to make fun of Facebook's perceived effete quality. Fe Si Bu Ke is pronounced Fay See Boo Kay.

Also, a group of lexicographers this month named the new verb, to unfriend, word of the year for 2009.

"Facebook Friend" appeared in the Schott's Vocab weblog of NYTIMES.COM on December 26, 2009, as a comment on "Fe Si Bu Ke."

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