Friday, August 13, 2010

On An Internet Scam

In the city of Lagos, Nigeria
Finance is just way superior!
There they have the rarest of banks
(For which we must give our thanks)
That will wire you a nifty eight mil
You simply follow their drill
Give them your bank account number
Remain cool as a cucumber
Awaiting further instructions
Authorizing wee smallish deductions
To cover the interest, you know,
On your lovely eight million to go
There'll be collect phone calls and faxes
More deductions to cover the taxes
Wait! If you do this you're noggin's number
Than the two guys from Dumb and Dumber

On August 12, 2010, NYTIMES.COM weblogger and op-ed columnist
Ben Schott gave us a peek into a criminal gang of Nigerians who account
for much of the phishing and scamming e-mails on the net. I wrote this piece
for Mr. Schott and sent it to him.

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