Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Guide To Weblog Contents (2005-2012)

Some recent trends in new writings by Michael Dennis Mooney:

A number of short stories were recently posted. "Hairy Goat Cheese Garage" (Nov. 2010), "Bart Giamatti Saves Baseball," (Nov. 2010), "Professor Of Desire"(Sept. 2010), "Ole Massa Doan Want Me Heah No Mo!" (August 2010).

Some journalistic pieces were recently placed on this weblog, including "The Fracking Of Dimock, Pa." (Aug. 2011) and "Wi-Fried In Albany" (Sept. 2010). Other such pieces were posted at my site, "Epistles To The Philistines," including the short fiction work, "Randy On The Road."

Several critiques of Ayn Randian individualism were posted here, "Objectivism Deconstructed And Demolished" (October 2010), "Thus Spracht Narcissus: I'm Okay And You're Not" (Oct. 2010),"Ayn Rand, The Tell-All" (Nov. 2009) and many many others.

Funny rhymes on topical items much in the news are the bulk of the writing I've done in 2009 and 2010, including a florid Elizabethan conceit comparing Sarah Palin to a truck stop in winter, "The Comparison." Many of these satirical pieces were cited in an article, "The Comment-Box Poets Of The New York Times," at the online Journal, "The Bygone Bureau" (March 17, 2010.)

The poems from 2006 and earlier appeared in a privately circulated printing in a bound volume, and they are all here on the blog in their original texts.

I hope to produce a new printed volume soon featuring short satirical pieces, and I plan to start new weblogs at Wordpress.Com, where I have a lit-appreciation site, "The Poetry of Irony and Wit," devoted to the study of witticism and extended figures of speech in classic English Language poetry. MDM

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