Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Recent Poems


Randy Randy
burning bright
in the boudoirs
of Redondo

Isn't it time
you lived your life
with far more
far more candor?

Must've been weird
your secret life
with never an unserviced

Didn't you think
it'd cause the wife
to treat this as

If only she hadn't
cared so much
You had the perfect

With her in town
and you on the coast
you could cheat all week
without let-up

Then on Friday
you'd come home
and act content
to be with her

Relieved to no longer
be alone
So busy all week,
and with so much work!

This lyric is exceprted from my short story, "Randy on the Road"



Home, home she come
from de honey factoree

Home she come a'trudgin
Lil Mama B

All day, all day
puttin honey in de jar

She come home,
she find Papa B he at de bar

Yep, he sittin dere,
he watchin B-Ball on TV

An Lookee Here! Miss Goldie L
she sittin on his knee

Ree-ee-Lee-ee! say Mama B,
she snatch up dat tart

She bitch-slap huh 'cross de room,
jes for a start

Papa B he doan talk,
he only look at de floor

Mama B she dust huh hands,
she go on out de door

Befo he can leave,
now she come back in

She leadin Big Bad Woof
by his hairy chin

She slappin de cakes
on de Big Bad Woof!

Dey order two sirloins
on de hoof

And dey sip on two
big ole L.I. Teas

Mama B say, Ewww,
dis need 'smo honey!

Dis need 'smo honey, Honey!
she tee-hees

She crow, Dat Papa B!
he try to make a fool a me!

More 'n once, he told me
he "found" her in his bed!

Ah'll slap him upside de head!

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