Monday, December 31, 2012

notes on the looming fiscal deadline of dec. 31, 2012


The Cliff! The Cliff! The Fiscal Cliff!
It's now a matter of when, not if,
We go over the rim. Taxes will rise.
Spending will trim. Millionaires' eyes
Will well to the brim. Hypothetically.
Workers' too, more pathetically.

Costs then increase. GDP slows.
Unemployment surely grows.
This is not the time
For this dumb debt-reckoning,
No matter the drama,
The cliff-hanger beckoning.
Boehner's dumb Thelma,
Obama's tetchy Louise,
These are not the roles
They should be in, Puh-leeze!

They should not refuse funds
For governance. Nor grant funds
For debt service all at once.
To both I say, ART YE A DUNCE!?

Their elaborate game of chicken
Truly starts to sicken.

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