Wednesday, March 13, 2013



She took us kids 
aboard that train,
And we escaped the pain.
She left our Dad
and his big car at the station.
We traveled 'cross the nation.

Then way up north, 
snow halfway to his knees,
Our smiling Uncle, 
dangling his keys,
Told us kids, 
"I'll take you home,"
And to her, "C'mon, 
I'll drive you home.
"I'll take you home."

My Mother's smile 
was bright that night.
Her eyes just shined 
in the Christmas lights,
As her gentle Brother 
set things right.
"C'mon, we're goin home. 
We're goin home."

Grandma smiling 
by the Creche of the Nativity,
Grandpa plugging in 
the dazzling Christmas tree,
Then reaching out 
his rugged arms to me:
"Finally, you're home! 
Thank God!" he said to me.

I had a new teacher 
that December
In the village 
red-brick school.
Grandpa'd drop me off there, 
I remember,
With a fifty-cent piece, 
as a rule.

When I'd walk home, 
I'd stop at Mom's office.
At the malt shop, 'cross the street, 
She'd have her coffee,
I'd get a coke, 
and fries to eat.
Then I'd skip home. 
I'd go skipping,
Running home!

I'd help Grandma 
make a cake.
Tomorrow my birthday! 
I'd be eight.
I could hardly wait.
I went running 
all the way home.

Grandma sifting flour 
and creaming butter,
Putting in vanilla, 
eggs, milk, and sugar.
I'd whip it into 
a foaming batter.
Her kitchen smelled so good! 
Yes, this is home!

we were off all week.
We played 
and played in the snow.
When Grandma 
called us in to eat --
We were home! 
More than we'd know.

Then Christmas Day! 
Presents by the tree!
Oh, my God! 
All this for me!
Such Christmas Day 
This would always 
be home to me.
We were really home.

Christmas Dinner, 
turkey, mashed potatoes,
Our folks all gathered 
at the dining table,
Everyone laughing! 
Pie and cocoa later!
My Mother, 
cheerful as she was able,
Finally happily at home, 
Her happy home.

I'll never forget 
that snow-bedecked December.
I'll always think 
of my folks, and I'll remember
What Grandpa said 
the night he welcomed me,
"Finally, you're home! 
Thank God! You're home."

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